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Unleashing Genius: The EZY THA GENIUS Album Release Party

On Saturday, June 29th, 2024, all roads lead to the SKLY Blue Lounge in Silver Spring, MD, for the highly-anticipated album release party of EZY THA GENIUS. The event promises to be a night of musical magic, celebrating the culmination of EZY's hard work and dedication.

One may wonder "Who Is EZY THA GENIUS"?

Born and raised in Washington, DC, EZY THA GENIUS is a multifaceted artist, blending genres like hip-hop, R&B, and pop to create his own unique sound. With a passion for music that began in his early childhood, EZY has honed his skills over the years, establishing himself as a silence force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Ezy competed in the BET - Black Lives Challenge, where he showcased his unique skills and secured an impressive 3rd place finish.

Beyond competitions, Ezy has graced the "Swag in the Morning Show" on the "Get in The Game" segment, further cementing his place in the music scene. His prowess as a ghostwriter is equally noteworthy, having penned tracks for "Jinx" before Rick Ross brought Jinx into the Maybach Music fold.

Ezy's journey has seen him open for hip-hop heavyweights like Joe Budden and Ransom.

In 2017, he joined Wizkid on his USA tour, delivering electrifying performances, including a memorable show at Echo Stage in Washington, DC. Ezy has been lying low over the past few year, but is ready to take on the music industry now with his lastest album coming on June 29th 2024.

For his debut album, titled 'IF I’M BEING HONEST – ME VERSE ME!'', EZY delves deep into his personal experiences, presenting them in a raw and unapologetic manner. The album is a double-disc set, with each disc offering a different perspective on EZY's life and music.

The album release party is set to take place on June 29th at the SKLY Blue Lounge in Silver Spring, MD. The party kicks off at 7PM and is free for all to attend before 10:30PM. It promises to be a night of great music, with EZY himself taking the stage to perform tracks from the new album.

In addition to the music, there will be a in house DJ to keep the energy high throughout the night. The party will also feature some of DMV talented local artist who will the performing to Ezy with is album release. Chris DeShiled, Askante, Plex Major and saxophone player Desmond adding a unique touch to the event.

Don't miss out on what is sure to be an incredible night of music and celebration. Whether you're a long-time fan of EZY THA GENIUS or just discovering his music, this event is a perfect opportunity to experience his talent and passion live. Remember, the event is free before 10:30PM, so be sure to arrive early.

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