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Sierra Leonean Female Artist Queen Hajj

Sierra Leonean Female Artist 
Queen Hajj

Mousai Entertainment newest artist

Music is a universal language that speaks to the heart and soul. It has the power to unite people, cultures, and nations. In the vibrant country of Sierra Leone, one artist stands out among the rest, captivating the audience with her unique style and energy. She is none other than Neneh Haja Sesay, better known as Queen Hajj, one of Sierra Leone’s finest female dancehall queens.

Queen Hajj is not just a dancehall queen, she is also a talented songwriter and a potential actress. Her journey in the music industry has been nothing short of dynamic, a testament to her commitment to her art. With a style that is distinctly hers, Queen Hajj has elevated the dancehall scene in Sierra Leone, bringing a fresh and unique flavor to the genre.

In a bid to broaden her horizons and reach more audiences, Queen Hajj has recently signed under a new management, Mousai Entertainment, LLC. This partnership promises to propel her career to even greater heights, as Mousai Entertainment is known for its innovative strategies and commitment to showcasing the best talent. With this new management, fans and admirers of Queen Hajj can expect a lot more from the dancehall queen.

Exclusive Interview

Recently, Queen Hajj had the opportunity to sit down with one of Mousai Entertainment's intern journalists, Ameena Jalloh, for an exclusive interview. This candid conversation offers a glimpse into Queen Hajj's journey, her music, and her plans for the future.

To view the full interview, click on the link below:

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