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3rd Annual Sierra Leone Independence Masquerade Ball

"A Night Where Different Ethnicities Connect in Style & Grace"

Julius Aruna(Mousai's VP and Josephine Garnem 2024 SLIMB63 Honoree.jpeg
Hawanatu Kamara (Mousai's Ent. CEO) Josphine Garnem(SLIMB63 Honoree).jpeg
Hawanatu Kamara(Mousai Ent. CEO) Sonia Staples(SLIMB63 Honoree)
Willie Jay SLIMB63 Artist headliner.jpg
YOK7 (rapper) Special Guest Artist.jpg


The Annual Sierra Leone Independence Masquerade Ball is Mousai Entertainment, LLC signature event. Mousai Entertainment started this event in order to recognize Sierra Leoneans who are making an impact in their community.  Sierra Leone, a country in West that is known mostly for the Ebola, Blood Diamonds and the civil war.

Mousai Entertainment wants to change the narrative of this beautiful country filled with talents and intelligent people who are working diligently every day to succeed. 

The Sierra Leone Independence Masquerade Ball is not just another event; it's a celebration of unity, diversity, and cultural heritage. It provides a platform for Sierra Leoneans, other Africans, and people from different diasporas to connect and understand each other's cultures. 


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