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About Us

When you think about the perfect event production, artist management and small business marketing, the company that should come to mind is Mousai Entertainment, LLC, established in 2022, and based in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

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What we Do:

At Mousai Entertainment, LLC, we specialize in a wide array of event production. From Exclusive VIP Parties, concerts, festivals and fundraising events, we have the expertise to create unique and memorable experiences. We also organize other social events, that provide a platform that fosters connection and networking amongst diverse groups of people. 


Committed ted to providing quality social events, managing talented artists in the music industry and marketing small business within the community that will bring people together from all diverse background.


As we look to the future, Our vision is clear. We aim to expose small businesses through entertainment and networking social events. As a company, we understand the power that entertainment holds in connecting people and fostering growth. Mousai Entertainment's vision is to utilize this power to help small businesses thrive.  Through our events, we provide a platform where businesses can showcase their products and services, interact with potential clients, and make meaningful connections. 

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"Where Creativity Comes Alive"

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, whether you're an artist looking for management, a small business seeking exposure, or an individual who simply loves to socialize and network, Mousai Entertainment. LLC has something for you.

With us, you can be assure of quality, diversity, and whole lot of fun. Let's redefine the entertainment industry together!

Meet The Team

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